No minimum order for basic colors of aprons.

Minimum order for other colors 10 items per style.


The fabrics we use contain 65% polyester and 35% cotton twill with crease-resistant finish.
This composition ensures the durability as the portion of polyester fibre is prominent andsignificant in terms of lower shrinkage and enhanced colour retention after washing. The fabric is distinguished for exceptional color

In addition to physical characteristics, fabrics we use are also very comfortable to wear. In addition to the significant level of cotton which absorbs perspiration, they allow high levels of air flow, facilitating evaporation and improving the comfort accordingly.

Industrial laundering at 85⁰

Fabrics we use meet the highest possible standards for fabric performance in industrial laundering, covering such areas as pilling and strength wash after wash.

Colors are for indication purpose only and should be used in conjunction with fabric swatches.